Video > The Lido Song by Shane Solanki : Music for social good

The Lido Song is a homage to London Fields Lido, an open air swimming pool in Hackney, London. The song by Shane Solanki is offered free for download, but if you donate a pound or more, the earnings go towards funding swimming lessons for Kenyan kids. 

If you give me a pound for the song, 50p of every £1 to will go to paying for swimming lessons for Caleb. Caleb lives in Kenya and has walked around this pool many times (his dad works nearby) but he’s never actually dipped his toes in. I want to teach him how to swim. So your money will go to Mahsen, a local swimming instructor. Mahsen charges 600 shillings (£4) per lesson. Let’s help Caleb to swim!

(I will update this site with Caleb’s progress, and total funds raised, so you know I am not wasting your money on champagne and silk knickers. If I get loads of money for the song, then we’ll teach loads of Kenyan kids to swim.)
many thanks,
Shane Solanki


Shane Solanki is an artist working with spoken word, music, performance and film. Mercurial in nature, his career has seen him collaborate with some of the UK’s most innovative artists and producers. Film by Briony Campbell