The beautiful brothers…

It’s morning on Wednesday 8, August, 2012. It’s Lamia Inn on Victoria Island. 

Nigeria’s sensational trio, Ogah Brothers are dressing up for the video shoot of their first single, Tinko Tinko. Three weeks from now, the Abuja-based band will host the world through a Listening/Viewing Party. Thereafter, they will be catapulted into a cycle of promotion and touring – which includes travelling to India to film with Tia Kansara, recording with Brazilian musician, Bel Pesce and supporting Blues & Hills at various media – that will take them into January next year and beyond. One of them, Jon already opened for the Heads of State in the US, playing to an audience of 5,000 in Arizona.

Today, Ogah Brothers have performed in front of a slightly small crowd: a few people at Chelsea Hotel, poets, upcoming artistes, sexually repressed young girls (who love Jon so much!), art enthusiasts at Taruwa in Lagos and culture critic, Toyin Akinosho attended Freedom Hall because he thinks ‘these boys are something else.’

Lead vocalist, Jon, 21, leads in Tinko Tinko, the first single the band released and it is diluted with a clambered rap from Patrick, 24, after a sexy bobbing by Michael, 23. Jon can dance, but it is Michael who knows how to make faces and put smiles on peoples’ faces.  Patrick is the one that’s always on the phone, trying to decipher what business their manager is bringing onboard. They are currently managed by Blues & Hills, an agency at the forefront of arts promotion in Europe and Asia.

‘I’m very excited,’ Jon says later, cuddling a balloon, which is part of the props for the video. ‘I know people will like this video.’

We’re joined by Dera Uduezue, sultry model, who has been in the Bracket’s Yori Yori video with 2Face. She is slightly slim and sexy with very infectious looks; she pays serious attention to details, the sort of actress every director would want to work with. The camera operator, Olaskills and the director, Olayiwola ‘Naresh’ Ogundolapo, who are graduates of Centre for Research in Art of Film & TV (CRAFT) in India, are working closely to make sure everything turns out beautifully.

Tinko Tinko will be the first of all the Ogah Brothers’ videos and it is promised to be thrilling and colourfully made, with a concept that is daringly simple and unique.

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