Giorgio Armani Blames Madonna For Her Fall At The 2015 Brit Awards

I don’t think i have to ask anyone if they remember Madonna fall at this years Brit Awards, the pop queen tumbled backwards down a flight of stairs during her performance *just in-case you’re wondering*. In an interview with the Associated Press, Giorgio Armani  the man who crafted the statement piece is standing by his work and blames the fall solely on the pop superstar. 


He was quoted as saying: “Madonna, as we all know, is very difficult, Armani claimed Madonna, 56, was well aware of the fact that her bullfighter’s cape was constructed to be secured with a hook closure, but the singer insisted on it being tied. “That’s all there was to it,” Armani added.”


Madonna on the other hand gave a different reason for her tumble on The Jonathan Ross Show on Feb. 26.  “I was told to tie my cape and start much further back and I had to walk further, and everyone was worried my cape would slide off, so they tied it really tight around my neck,” Madonna told Ross. “I got to the top of the stairs and I pulled the silky string, and it wouldn’t come undone…I had two choices: I could either be strangled or fall, and I chose to fall.”


“So here I am marching in like the queen, I got to the top of the stairs and I pulled the silky string and it wouldn’t come undone,” she said. “My two lovely dancers basically strangled me off the stage.”

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