Denrele Edun Interview

Denrele Edun Interview

Virtually every Nigerian has passed an opinion or at least has an opinion about him. Arguments and counter arguments have ensued when he comes on air or his name gets mentioned; Holes have been poked about his fashion, his style of presentation, etc…one thing we all seem to agree upon is: like him or not…Denrele or ‘Rele has he is popularly known, has carved a niche for himself and he is here to stay. Read the excerpts from the interview had with this energetic and enigmatic young man.

WRT: Can we meet you?

Denrele: Well, I’m a million contradictions. What exactly do you wanna know? I’m wild, unpredictable, one minute an angel, the other minute a devil. Sometime’s I’m a mess, other times I’m perfect. I don’t even know who I am.

Simply put: My name is Denrele Adeyemi Olufemi Edun. My mum is Indian, my dad a Nigerian. I was born in Hamburg, Germany so that makes me nationality confused. The first and only son, I have two younger sisters though.

WRT: Why are you mad?

Denrele: People have called me all kinds of names. But, I don’t see myself as mad. Names like Den-were, Were-le. They simply call me mad! Mad! Mad (Were being the Yoruba translation of mad). I think I’m just expressing my individuality, not that I am mad. It just needed me to really have the liver to pull it off; I have always been like this. Back in secondary school, I was very conservative. I wanted to express myself but I couldn’t because I felt I would be frowned upon.

WRT: Do you think you are a celebrity?

Denrele: No! I don’t think so. I’m not trying to be modest or simple. I really see myself as a regular guy. I’m like; this is simply Denrele I don’t think I have gotten to the celebrity stuff yet.

WRT: Where do you get your inspiration?

Denrele: I guess it’s a daily thing, when I see a lot people where I go to perform at shows; I get so inspired to do my best. Also, stuff around me, what I read…but, basically I inspire myself ‘cos I work very hard and I get amazed at some things I do.

WRT: Your most memorable moment(s)?

Denrele: That one plenty o! But, I think it was when I spoke to Amerie, meeting Beyonce, talking to Snoop, Busta Rhymes, Cuba Gooding Jnr. and even Mrs. Bimbo Fashola, {the first lady of Lagos State}. In short, everyday is a memorable day.

WRT: What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

Denrele: It was at the Nigerian Music Awards 2008, in Abuja (NMA, 2008). I ran out naked on my hotel corridor, to and fro’ when I knew everyone was going for breakfast. Then recently, I put a colleague’s bra and panties in the freezer, it got so frozen hard that she could not go out again that day. I’ve done a lot of crazy things but those are the ones I can remember.

WRT: You have won many awards, which do you cherish the most?

Denrele: It’s the Future Awards for Best Producer 2006, I was not expecting it ‘cos I’m a presenter not a producer. Another one is the City People Awards’ Personality of the year 2008; I really appreciate that award ‘cos I was nominated along with Frank Edoho, Funmi Inyanda, Adesuwa Onyenekwe etc, and I won.

WRT: Do you have a girlfriend?

Denrele: I’m not seeing anybody right now, ‘cos I don’t have the time. I haven’t even been to my house in like a month. You now how ladies are, they want constant attention, commitment and dedication.

WRT: You once had a row with Bryan (Mr. Nigeria), what’s your relationship with him?

Denrele: We used to model together from way back. He had this funny accent that was so fake. I didn’t like him then, and I don’t like him now. With time, I felt it was his style; I was dating this girl Titi Fanta (the girl in Shank’s video), we used to diss Bryan together then. We broke up and she dated a couple of guys after me, but I was surprised when I heard she was dating Byan. I was like Ha! That guy we used to yab together. Right now, Bryan and I are just industry friends.

WRT: What’s your take on lesbianism and homosexuality in the entertainment?

Denrele: I think we are all individuals and we have rights to express ourselves in the best way that we can. I have a lot of lesbian and gay friends. Even, people labeled me, but I don’t care ‘cos I like controversies. So, if anybody says I’m sexually involved with another man, I really do not care.

WRT: When the time comes, would you like your kids to take after you?

Denrele: Haaa!, beautiful!…let them express themselves ‘cos my parents gave me the chance. Even if my daughter wants to be a stripper, go on soun!If my son wants to be a rock star I’ll sing backup for him.

WRT: Between Germany, India and Nigeria, which country do you like most?

Denrele: I like Nigeria, not just because of patriotism; But, because if you can survive in Nigeria, you can survive anywhere else in the world. I would like to marry an Indian girl because they are so beautiful.

WRT: Any message to your fans?

Denrele: To all the people that call me, send sms, emails etc. It’s really encouraging that people appreciate and associate with me. I love them all and I say thank you to all. My advice is: always learn to listen and listen to learn. Be a first class version of yourself, and not a second-class version of someone else. Most importantly, choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day for the rest of your life.

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