Young Airmie: “Letter to the world” (video + song)

Roughly about a month after the release of his highly conscious single ‘Letter To The World‘,  the very talented but yet-to-be-signed music sensation – Young Airmie, dishes out the visuals to further give his message more mileage in the hearts and minds of anyone who feels the need for a positive change in the world. Letter To The World video also aims at addressing challenges the present state of Corruption, Terrorism, and the  forth-coming presidential election pose to our young democracy here in Nigeria (#VoteNotFight).  Young Airmie says, “If positive change must come then it has to start with you and I because with one less evil in the world, the world will definitely become a better place for you and I to live in”. ‘Letter To The World‘ video was shot by Ben Jossy for African Color City

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YOUNG AIRMIE 2 - Capture image

YOUNG AIRMIE 3 - Capture image 2