#WWR What We Are Reading: Corporate Affairs Commission – Satan’s Embassy by Feyi Fawehinmi

Feyi Fawehinmi is pissed! and rightly so. In his characteristic fashion, he takes a look at the factors militating against easy business registration in Nigeria, despite announcements of reforms. But this time, with a lot of bile.



For nearly a decade, the FBSS have been resisting going online. Perhaps they have had no electricity since then. But the clue as to the reason for their behaviour is plain to see – even when they ‘experimented’ with going online, they still wanted people to come down to their office to complete the transaction ‘online’. Is this because you cannot collect a bribe online? Is it because you need physical interaction to facilitate a lot of corruption? I don’t know, you tell me.

One of the most annoying things about the Trade and Investment Minister, Olusegun Aganga, is that he has a habit of announcing things to much fanfare and newspaper headlines and then moving on to the next thing. As if, things are supposed to work by magic.

While unveiling the 24 hours business registration in November, 2012, the Minister of Trade and Investment, Mr. Olusegun Aganga said that, “The target is to ensure that companies are registered within two hours and to institute a vibrant and transparent companies’ registry, where services will be user-friendly.”

He had also at the time directed that a complaints register be opened for anyone who is not able to get his company registered within 24 hours. This he said was to show that, “We mean business and that we care about our customers.

If the FBSS have resisted online registration since 2005, defeating this 24 hour ‘announcement’ would have been no more than a cake walk for them. If Aganga cared about making business registration easier, he would not have left it to simply an announcement especially when the thing never worked for more than 5 minutes.

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