Why do men cheat or keep more than one lover?


While females are the better evolved of the two sexes, the male remains largely primordial and any skirt/pant suit is considered fair game. Well, apart from those he has bracketed into the family and close friends group.

The African male is given free reign to sow his seeds and explore while he is single, but expected to tame his loins as soon as he says “I Do”. As a matter of fact, bachelor eves in and around Lagos, Nigeria are just short of orgies and last minute “free reign sex”.

We can make excuses all we want, but a lack of individualism (marriage will do that to you), work pressure and a constant reminder of the “dark times” will easily tip a weak minded male over into the abyss of lust and STDs.

Start the twitter campaigns, carry placards and raise UN petitions…your intellectual postulations are lost on a simple and animalistic yearning: the male just wants to fuck. What’s more? He doesn’t love you less for it.

I asked someone why he cheats on his wife; he started by asking me not to call it cheating. According to him, he doesn’t love the side-chick/one night stand, he loves his wife, so it’s not cheating. Warped and self serving response? Of course! But that’s a standard male for you.

His second response was that he needed side dishes like these for both his ego and to break off from work and family stress. He says that’s why he is a loving father and has never hit his wife of 13 years.

If we understand all these, why can’t we live in peace and harmony? Problem is the females are wired differently from the brutish males. They are more in tune with their emotions and more empathetic. Many women have easily tipped over into psychiatry wards after being betrayed by their partners. Yeah, it’s that deep.

Growing up, my brother would say “remember, a woman would prefer that you fucked another woman and not love the woman” but “a man would prefer you love another man and not fuck the man”

Between the feeling of betrayal and the countless STDs, the battle rages on.

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