Weekly Fiction > Thirsty Thursdays (Part 3)

Bimpe waited a little bit uncomfortably as Dapo went to get the car, he had parked a little distance from the auditorium. She didn’t have to wait for long before Dapo pulled up his BMW, and she got inside the car. They rode in silence for about 5 minutes while she folded and unfolded her hands in her laps. Dapo was the first to break the silence.

“So tell me about yourself, who is sister Bimpe, and can I call you Bimpe?”
“umn.. I guess so” Bimpe shrugged, “In that case; I think I can call you Dapo if you don’t mind?”
“Sure! I really don’t like the ‘brother’ stuff, it makes me feel pressured, you know, I must confess I’m not real comfortable with that title, if you can call it that”
After that, it was awkwardly silent for a while before Bimpe spoke: “you’re making the next right, and my house is the last on the block”
As soon as Dapo pulled over into her driveway, she almost jumped out of the car. “I guess I’ll be seeing you soon right”, Dapo called out to her “umn, yeah” she nodded, “we’ll see in church on Sunday”, she managed to mouth back before she walked up to her door.
Things had gotten a little too uncomfortable in the car, and she didn’t like it. At least that’s what she told herself. It was almost as if…oh! forget it! She couldn’t believe the thought that just crossed her mind. She really would have to watch her step around that man. No doubt he was very attractive, soft-spoken and all that…. She continued with this train of thought till she grudgingly went to sleep.

hmn, so that’s where she lived. It wasn’t that far off from his place, and by the looks of things she lived alone. They could be friends. It seemed like it was only yesterday that he walked into that church. He had decided to take a walk around the neighborhood the other day, and he had seen the church. He had gone there just to relieve his boredom. There was no doubt that there were a lot of friendly people in the church, and some were a little too friendly! The other girl, Kunbi, he could tell she liked him. That wasn’t strange since he was used to being the object of people’s admiration. She was cute though.
As soon as he got home, he took a shower, and settled down in front of the TV to watch the movie he picked up from Blockbuster a day before. He hadn’t gotten round to watching the movie, and since he wasn’t doing anything he might as well watch the movie. He was about to settle down in his favorite chair when he heard the doorbell ring. He looked in the peephole, and almost jumped back in surprise. Kunbi was at the door!

He opened the door to see her standing there, cooler in her hand “Hello Brother Dapo” she cooed. “Sister Kunbi, pleasant surprise, you were the last person I expected to see” Kunbi giggled, “Is that why you got rid of your shirt?” she retorted playfully. Kunbi’s heart did a double take. C’mon she knew he was handsome, but this was an Adonis standing right before her. That body had to have been carved out of stone or something. She could relearn how to count on his abdomen, and the sprinkle of jet-black hair on his chest was…

She quickly caught herself before she started drooling, visibly.
“…Errm.. Actually, I live in the same estate, and I…. just wanted to welcome you to…. our estate with dinner that is if you haven’t eaten”, she stammered
“oh, come in, I didn’t mean to be rude. That was very thoughtful of you. Actually I haven’t eaten; I was just about to watch a movie. We could watch the movie together, over dinner”.


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