Weekly Fiction > Thirsty Thursdays (Part 1)

“… if you are worshipping with us for the first time, could you signify by raising your hand… Yes we love you with the love of the lord…”.

A young man, easily in his mid thirties stood up from the back, “my name is Dapo Johnson….”

Need I say Bro Dapo (he had already officially become a brother) was foine! Tall, dark chocolate looking brother, complete with a dimple whenever he smiled. As normal practice, everyone had to go and shake his hand and greet him. Even more normal was the way all the sisters were falling over themselves to greet him.

I hope you enjoyed our service..” Sister Ngozi cooed.

you are coming for bible study on Thursday right? I can come and get you if you need a ride..” I could hear sister Kunbi whisper demurely albeit holding on to his hand for a wee bit longer.

I’ll try to make it, and thanks sister Kunbi, and yes, I have a ride.” Dapo answered back smiling.

I watched quietly from the corner where I sat, as all this was going on. shameless girls! I know it’s not every time that a foine brother (who claims to love the Lord) walks into church (WITHOUT A SISTER IN TOW), but I couldn’t understand why the sisters were shameless about it, or could I? Well, if you think about it, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out why.

Sister Ngozi started attending our church about two years ago. She had been involved with several men who had inevitably broken her heart, so she had decided to come to church to look for a God-fearing brother who would treat her right.

Sister Kunbi had just graduated from college and was already getting to marriageable age. Rumor has it that she used to date one ariztos who took good care of her. He paid her house rent, phone bills, and even gave her a small but nice Toyota corolla to ‘manage’ around campus.

It was going rosy until katakata burst one day when oga madam cornered her in school and almost beat the living daylights out of her. She ended up in the hospital, if not for God, she almost lost her eyes. It was then that she decided to stop playing this ariztos game, and look for a guy her age or reasonably older who could take care of her.

She had heard that the church was the right place to look, so she had been attending our church for two years now hoping to meet Mr. Right.

Sister Bimpe‘s story was quite different. She had always been a dedicated member of the church, sister’s co-ord, and a Bible study teacher. Sister Bimpe could easily be summed up as a bible-quoting, tongue-speaking, devil-binding sister who loved the Lord. 50 yards of premium grade wife material.

She’s a member of the choir with an angelic voice, Cece Winans ain’t got nothing on her!, She’s comfortably waiting for her man to ‘receive’ her, and has been praying about it for quite some time. Bro Dapo looked just like the man she dreamt about two weeks ago, so she had a conviction that this could be the answer to her prayers…


To be continued…

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