Watch Aruna Quadri Accept His Award At The 2014 ITTF Star Awards In Dubai!

26 year Aruna Quadri has been making waves as the first African to win the International Table Tennis Player of the year award and now we can watch him accept the award and also his reaction when his name was mispronounced. The award ceremony was held at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


 Quadri who is currently ranked 30th in the world was voted best male table tennis player because he defeated a number of reputable players in various competitions last year, he defeated players like Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong (2014 Olympic Games gold medalist) and Marcos Freitas (2014 European Team Championships winner).


He was quoted as saying “This is the best day of my career and I want to thank the organizers for considering me for this. I also want to thank all my fans all over the world for their support because this is unbelievable for me and I promise to continue to work hard”.