The romantic pursuit of happiness in Rwanda, 20 years after the genocide

To this date, dating websites have become one of the first means for millions of single individuals to hopefully break up once and for all with their good friend ‘Misery’, very well known to love company.  The numerous advantages for people to get acquainted with a stranger on the Internet range from being able to protect their identity and intimacy behind the comfort of their screens, to being able to always reflect a more dazzling, impressive and inspiring version of their own selves. So they chat, debate and confide in each other in pure honesty until the desire of physically seeing each other takes over.


Unfortunately, not a single taken precaution is deterrent enough to eliminate the apprehension of the first face-to-face. In effect, from the choice of the username to the passage from the virtual world to reality, this bold step usually holds many surprises. And the closer time approaches the hour of the date, the greater the certitude of knowing the other person and of being known by him or her fades away.

Like many other children of our extraordinary continent, Rwandans diffidently participate in the eternal quest for love and friendship on dating websites. In these cozy relationships held through their computer screens, they build a wonderland of romance far away from the insipid hatred and the cruel violence that marked for the rest of its days, their exceptionally brave country. Some of them have chosen to respond to the trauma by a voluntary search of serious relationships using technological tools available to them and 20 years later, acclaimed Rwandan filmmaker Jacqueline Kalimunda, makes us embark on a journey into the contemporary, intricate and spirited post-genocide Rwanda.

Source: Focus Features

Jacqueline Kalimunda directed her first film in 2002 and the 23 minutes “About braids” was voted best short film at the 2003 Zanzibar International Film Festival. The intrepid and eternally smiling soldier of optimism continues with the documentary “Homeland“, a journey through her father’s birthplace to question the fatality of violence and the unprecedented cruelty that occurred in 1994. In 2007, she co-directed the first two seasons of the popular Pan-Africanist TV series “Image Africa” and this year, she presents to us her country from a different angle than the one of suffering and the duty to remember. Yes, Rwandese like most people are also concerned with love affairs!

“Single Rwandan Seeks Serious Relationship” invites us all to a quirky and poetic interactive experience to explore and participate in the pursuit of love of broken individuals who have never given up their humble search for happiness. It represents also the possibility of reflection and understanding of the experience of a life after genocide. The documentary wants to be the expression of those who look forward to build or rebuild their lives in a warm and personal way. From this project who will not be released before 2015, we can already take a peak at the teasers that introduce us to each character of the documentary.

Single Rwandan Seeks Serious Relationship Teaser


Meet The Single Rwandans

– Gaston, The Uniquely Creative


– Neza, The Journalist


– Claudine, The Divorced Business Woman

– Dona, The Florist

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