Tesleem Interview

Tesleem Interview

WRT: Give us a brief history of yourself.

TESLEEM: My names are Tesleem Temitope Raji. My dad is from Kano State and my mum is from Ofa, Kwara State. Did my primary school in Kano and my secondary school in Ofa. Got my bachelors from Bayero University, Kano; and I was in the labor market for two years before I decided to do what I know best: music.

WRT: How long have you been making music?

TESLEEM: I have been in the game for a long time. Way back in secondary school, but I recorded my first song in 1998. Since then I have been in and out of the studio. I have done a lot of jobs, a lot of singles and features.

WRT: Tells us about your singles, the one you mentioned.

TESLEEM: I have one now, which is titled Bujije (that’s chop stick). It’s on the top 10 hits on radio right now. The video is not out yet though, we are working on the video.

WRT: Are you under any record label?

TESLEEM: No. It’s hard to find one. All I am looking for is a marketer, but I am still working in the studio to put stuff together. I think I’m just taking my time.

WRT: What is your relationship with Kween?

TESLEEM: She has been my very good friend. We met at Link FM. I’m working with her to translater her song ‘Jebele’ into hausa. I knew her with JJC’s Mr. Skills. He was my very close friend way back in Kano before we met again.

WRT: What do call your kind of music?

TESLEEM: I call it Afrocentric hiphop. That’s because my music comes from the heart of Africa. I can sing in any language. I have songs with Obarafor and Pere (Ghanaian artiste). I even made music with a Senegalese artiste when I went to Senegal.

WRT: When should we be expecting your first album?

TESLEEM: Sometime this year, hopefully.

WRT: Any words for your fans out there?

TESLEEM: I love them so much, for being supportive from day one. I thank them for voting for me on the top ten. They should expect the best from my forth-coming album, which will hit the market later this year. They should believe in themselves and be the best they wanna be.


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