Taruwa Event: 15th July,2008

Taruwa Events

Another week, a new set of breath taking performances at Taruwa. TARUWA is a bi-weekly event hosted by Gbagyichild, spearheaded by the wonderful Lydia Idakula. It is an event which creates a platform for artistes to express themselves in an intellectual setting. It holds every other Tuesday at Bogobiri (N0. 9 Maitama Sule – off Awolowo road, Ikoyi Lagos) from 7pm to 9pm.

This tuesday, Taruwa featured wonderful performances from beautiful people, almost everyone that performed today played the guitar. Niyi was on the piano, Ari sang and played the guitar, 18 delivered stunning poetry, Boye sang and played the guitar, Blaise (Oh, Blaise!) got the crowd yelling for more with her poetry and RAP, Sulaiman: poetry, Kunmi introduced the house to ‘Ideas rule the world’ (an upcoming event for creatives).

And bang!…we were back to the royal treatment…Ezra sang and played the guitar, Sister Soul (God bless you) played the guitar and sang, Kauna sang, Uche sang and played the guitar, Aduonla gave us the bitter and the sweet with her poetry (wow!…you should see her raggae dreads and intellectual glasses combination), Icon came on stage with his Hip Hop swagger and was joined by Maximum and Tito (the crowd wowed…). Ay is the new member to the music scene, doing some spontaneous music thing…singing about belief and lip service; we all held our breathes till he trailed off and said he would complete the song by the next Taruwa. Mai did ‘Speak’.

Speak is a segment on/in Taruwa where the ‘Speaker’ come to center stage and narrates/renders a story. The crowd should be able to relate to the story and follow the storyline ‘cos after the stury ends, the speaker can point at anyone (willing to speak or not) and say ‘Speak!’. You are then required to give your opinion on the issue at hand. This week’s topic was: Can there be romance without finance in our modern day society? You can imagine the fiasco…

So, dear werunthings reader…do you think there can be romance without finance? Pray ‘Speak’….

Click here on on image above to view/download pictures from the event.