SILVERAIN Movie Gets North American Distribution Deal

The makers of “SilveRain” sign VOD distribution deal with a premiere digital distribution company for North America, IndieRights, based in LA. The CEO of IndieRights, Linda Nelson said at the signing that they are happy to represent such a beautiful film and they look forward to reaching every household in North America and beyond.

Official Silverain Movie Poster
Silverain Movie Poster

The Writer and Director of SilveRain, Juliet Asante, who represented the Production house, Eagle Productions at the signing, said that this has been a long arduous journey and this represented another victory for African film. ‘This film is an African film, a Pan-African film,’ she insisted. This is an important point because there has been some discussions back and forth in the media, around whether the film is a Nigerian film or Ghanaian film. ‘I set forth to make this film with a very clear vision and I am happy that I am finding people who share that vision – the journey has been long and it is by no means over, but we are winning!’ Juliet said. Juliet is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy school and the New York Film Academy, as well as the National film and Television Institute of Ghana. She is a mentor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and regular blogger for the HuffPost. Over
the years, she has written and produced some of the post successful shows on Ghana Television.

Silverain Premiere
Silverain Premiere

According to Juliet, she had set out to make a Pan African film because Africa was better off doing things together and this was a demonstration of that. The film cast stars from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Sierra Leone and it was shot in both Ghana and South Africa, with a crew from both countries. ‘It is also my believe that as African
filmmakers, it is our responsibility to tow the fine line between entertainment and films that have positive social impacts’- Juliet Said.

Silverain Movie Premiere
Silverain Movie Premiere
Silverain Movie Premiere
Silverain Movie Premiere

Set in an African slum, SilveRain is about an ambitious market girl who meets and falls in love with a boy from the other side of town and tries to cross the class divide, but the social gap is over-powering and starts a chain of event that neither of them is prepared for. It is a class war story and touches also on many simmering issues relevant to most African countries.


Jocely Dumas in Silverain movie
Jocely Dumas in Silverain

African films have struggled over the the years to penetrate North America and a deal such as this, is very rare, but SilveRain is opening the door for many others in a market that is mostly unaware of the vibrant film industry that exist in Africa, which is plagued with
quality issues. The North American market is very competitive and poor quality films can simply not penetrate. ‘I am delighted by the quality of the film and you used one of our very best camera, the RED!’ Said Linda, CEO of IndieRights.

SilveRain has been called the Pan African film of the decade and has recently been nominated in 3 categories in the upcoming AMAA. It stars Joselyn Dumas, Elikem Kumordzie and Belinda Baidoo of Ghana, Enyinna Nwigwe and Uru Eke of Nigeria, Chumani Pan of South Africa, Annabel Mbaru of Kenya and Michael Bassey of Sierra Leone.