Oscar-Nominated Actress Julianne Moore Covers LA Confidential Magazine’s Spring Issue

Multi-talented actress Julianne Moore looks gorgeous on the cover of LA Confidential Magazine’s Spring issue 2015, for a 54 year old you can literally see smoke coming off her magazine cover. Photographed by Kurt Iswarienko styled by Doborah and interviewed by Luke Crisell Afshani read excerpts from the interview below;


On the Oscar hype:

“To be even in conversation about it, to have people be excited about your work… You know we all love praise. It’s an honor to be discussed in this way. Of course—of course—I’m thrilled. And for a little movie like this, which we barely finished, that people made because they cared about it—and it’s a story about knowing what it means to be a human being, that’s what’s great too. And it makes you feel hope, right?”


On her role in Still Alice:
“It’s so very rare that you get anybody’s subjective journey through anything in a film. We all say that we’re aware of our own mortality, but we’re not. It’s always present but we choose to deny it. In this case there’s a woman who’s forced to say, ‘The end of my life is coming, and I’m going to have to experience it disappearing.”


On the family and work life balance:
“I’m not joking when I say I’m compartmentalized. My home life, my family is separate. My work as an actor, the interviews and the photo shoots and the red carpet, that is in another box altogether. I think it’s important for me to keep that stuff in a separate box so that I know what it is. If you start to confuse things, and if you start to believe that the interest shown to you in a beautiful dress is commensurate to the work you’re doing as a mother, I think you can get into trouble.”


On what her life is really like:
“I’m not tremendously exotic, I’m not very eccentric, I’m pretty regular. I live in the West Village, I have two really beautiful children. I have a great husband. I like the city. I like walking around. I really value my ordinary life and my family life. But I also value this life of the imagination, this life of stories. Because I feel like it’s in stories and these narratives that we talk about who we are.”



Picture Credit: LA Confidential Magazine/Kurt Iswarienko