“Onikola”, a movie about female genital mutilation, by Funmi Fiberesima

ONIKOLA literally means The One Who Marks (the circumciser), and this movie focuses on the central characted, Kumbi’s rejection of being mutilated, while making reference to Omosewa (played by Ronke Ojo) who has been circumcised, and faces the torment of living with her scars of frigidity.
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is quite prevalent in our socities; partly because of ignorance and partly because of dogma. One thing this film doesn’t do is belabor every scene with the message of FGM. It truly is an entertaining masterpiece featuring other actors as Ibrahim Chatta, Sunday Afolabi and veterans like Dejumo Lewis, Bunmi Olatilewa and Tola Oladokun.

Funmi Fibresima@ the premiere of Onikola


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