My very first Bar Baric post on We Run Things

Hi people, I know I should’ve done this like last year when the Bar Baric and We Run Things teams hooked up a corporate partnership, but I really have been busy…and lazy.

So here’s my very first piece on We Run Things, and you can be sure its the first of very many, many to come. Stay tuned, check daily, comment, and share the posts you love. Of course, I’m here for you guys too if you have stuff to share. Got good Nigerian music, movies, lookbooks? Email me.

Bar Baric logo
Bar Baric logo

Be warned though, if you send me “tungba-tungba” music, or “Rihanna vs Beyonce” films, or “cut and sew” fashion, or “Genevieve steps out in black” stories, I will curse you out!

Anyways, enjoy your weekend. I’ve got a lot of work to do setting up at the backback-end, connecting all my Social Media accounts, and of course, I’m typing this while having a meeting with Shola and Oge.