My First Experience Of Twitter’s Periscope

I’m always on Social Media, so it’s okay to assume I know everything that happens on there, but I really don’t. I try not to pay attention to everything since it seems everybody is trying too hard to start a trend. Usually, I’m always about my clients’ business, and writing original articles takes its equal share of my online time.

Earlier in the month, when my partner, was going on and on about Periscope, and how it was going to change everything, especially for small businesses, I had to come clean that I didn’t have a clue what it was, and was hardly interested.

Logo of Twitter's Periscope
Periscope logo

Periscope is an mobile application for live-streaming of videos which social media giant, Twitter purchased for $100 million in March of 2015. So far, they claim to have gotten 10,000,000 registered users, including me (I just joined this morning). The app is currently exclusive to Android and iOS, though I’m sure it’ll be on all platforms soon.


From the very first moment I heard about periscope, my first concern was how home-made pornography could go haywire with that kind of broadcast capacity in the hands of ordinary people. Between 4am when I signed up and now, I’ve already happened on a stripper’s account, and another of a guy doing things that shouldn’t be mentioned on this site. Largely, it is much saner than I thought.

Piracy seems to be a more serious matter, and content owners are already complaining about exclusive content being broadcast by users of Periscope to their friends. The premiere of “Game Of Thrones” Season 5, and also, the Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao match were beamed on Periscope by viewers who had access. Definitely more measures need to be put in place to protect copyright, and I believe their team is working on ways to get things sorted.

There are also a couple of technical issues which are currently being tackled. Connectivity problems, app crashing, privacy problems, identity duplication, server problems, and all the other bugs that creep up every time a little leaguer breaks into the big league. They’ll get through it, and I’m following their journey for tips on how to take mine.

Map Of Live Periscope Broadcasters
Map Of The World Showing Live Periscope Broadcasters

It’s not strange, looking at the map of Periscope users worldwide, out of more 200 people usually broadcasting at 9am Nigerian time, none is in Africa. It’s natural, considering our data limitations, and the fact that it hasn’t really been promoted much around these parts. I do believe the Periscope app will play a huge role in getting small New Media outfits like mine to bridging the broadcast gap.

Do check out , try it out and let’s know what you think. We’ll soon be broadcasting some celebrity interviews, events, and backstage videos so don’t forget to follow us @Bar_Baric.