Movie Trailer| Amonye Bu-Onye (Two Faced)

Amonye Bu-onye (Two-Faced) is a movie done in Igbo language but shot and subtitled for everybody’s appreciation and understanding.  It is a story that depicts how everything in life happens to be vanity. One can never win it all but always watch your back, your best friend could be your worst enemy

An intriguing story of game of interest. Kingsley (Dan Ugoji) married Gift (Oma Nnadi) but also dating Amaka (Princess chineke) who has her own heart-throb Jacob (Simon Peacemaker). Except Gift, every other person’s interest is on the big game, the wealth.

They connived to kill Gift for her wealth but the game changed when Amaka realised that Gift happens to be her school mother. Jacob then planned with Kingsley for him to rescue him when the ladies succeeds in killing him. They did but he reappeared as planned with Jacob. He ended up killing Amaka before police arrived.

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