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The Collectiv3 is a group of like-minded artists who believe in creating art with no boundaries. Challenging the status quo. We are a movement that we hope will inspire and encourage others to express themselves how they choose to, without conforming.

“Art to me is pointless without having the intention to change views or to make a difference. For me, the inspiration has to be from a real place, a place that cannot be manufactured. I want people to refer to my music as a time capsule’. IKON 

“There is music for every moment, that’s the way that I create my music. Sometimes I dream music. This for me is a place that I have to go, to feel that I have made a difference; to feel that I have contributed to my existence and the existence of others that are listening to me”. Funbi

“I have to evoke some kind of emotion form you. I want you to be sad, be happy, if it brings out some kind of rhythm, I have served my purpose” Kid Konnect  

“My creative process comes from daily life experiences. I want my music to reach out to people. I want everybody to relate to it. I want the world to see another side of music”. Nsikak 

“My head is too noisy. There is too much going on. I have to articulate it, I have to speak about it, thinking about it without saying it, is too much. I have always seen music as my catalyst, as my way forward, as the way to make things happen in my own universe. This is my life’s work and I hope my music is heard’. Poe

“Inspiration for me comes from all over, Lagos, Women; Meeting people that are progressive and forward thinking. Music is a snapshot of where I was in that particular moment in my life”. Tec

“It’s not really about breaking the mould so much for me, Its about having a voice and creating the kind of music that I feel should be out there in the world” Ghost

“As a creative I like to play with contrasts and words in a similar manner to what I do with clothes. Its really just needing that one trigger or fragment of an idea and then I invent the rest myself” Temidollface

We welcome you to our world, where things aren’t meant to make sense but ultimately they do when you experience them.

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