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Kel Interview

The girl fine, yes. The girl sabi sing, yes. The girl young, yes. Those are some of the words that have been used to describe her. She surprised every hip hop head with her rendition on the award winning Ill Bliss song “You go wound o”; before we could gather our dropping jaws, she hit us with the smooth, suave and sultry hit track and video “Waa Wa Alright”. My people we are once again witnessing the birth of an international star. Ladies and gentlemen, WRT proudly presents Kel. Enjoy.

WRT: Who is Kel?

Kel: Kel is a female rap artiste currently under Capital Hill Records owned by Clarence Peters, a very talented music video director and producer, my real names are Ohia Kelechi, currently studying Economics at the Lagos State University. I have two sisters and one brother.

WRT: How did you get into music?

Kel: It started in the year 2000. I didn’t really like rap music initially, it was a friend of mine who pushed me into it, so I started to like rap when I listened to Bone Thugs and Harmony and Eminem; I went professional in the year 2001/2002. I started with a record label then (Testify Records) I recorded an album but it was never released because we had problems, so I decided to be on my own, do stuff for a while, my manager (Osagie) and I. A friend of mine introduced me to Clarence Peters, he said he wanted to start his record label and he needed artistes, so here we are to day.

WRT: Are you part of the Thoroughbreds (A Nigerian rap group)?

Kel: No I’m not.

WRT: What’s your relationship with Ill bliss then, ‘cos we remember the track you did with him?

Kel: I met him through Clarence Peters. Ill Bliss wanted to do a song and he needed a female rapper on it, that’s just it.

WRT: How do you cope with fame? Or are you still the girl next door?

Kel: Yeah, I still see myself as the girl next door. I don’t think much has changed, I’m still who I am.

WRT: What kind of music do you do?

Kel: Basically rap. I do all kinds of rap from mainstream rap, slow rap; hardcore…I do all kinds of stuff.

WRT: What were your parents’ reactions when they knew you wanted to go into music?

Kel: They supported it, I don’t know why but they were supportive from day one.

WRT: How do you combine school and music?

Kel: What I’m doing in school is a part time thing, so most of my lectures are on the weekends. I have a lot of free time to come to the studio.

WRT: Sasha says she is the first lady of rap…?

Kel: There is space for everybody in the music industry, so I will not say my goal in life is to knock Sasha off. I’m just doing what I’m doing, make music that people can enjoy.

WRT: Have you met Sasha before and what’s your relationship with her?

Kel: Yeah, longtime ago and the relationship is cordial.

WRT: Tell us about your single: Waa Wa Alright.

Kel: It’s the first single from my upcoming debut album; it featured Skin and was produced by Tha Suspect.

WRT: What inspired the track Waa Wa Alright?

Kel: Waa Wa Alright simply means we will be alright and my verses are simply talking about how we got out there in the music industry and what I’m here to do.

WRT: Who will you be working with you on your album, artistes and producers?

Kel: I’ll be working with artistes like Ill Bliss, Durella, Terry tha rap man, Dare Art Alade, java, 9ice, Tha Suspect and the producers are Tha Suspect, J. Martins, Dr. Fab, Big Foot, Night house. That’s all for now.

WRT: Any foreign artiste you are looking forward to work with?

Kel: Neyo.

WRT: Did you want to do music from the start?

Kel: Nah, I used to toy with the idea when I was a child. I use to stand in front of the mirror and sing but I never really knew it was something I would go into.

WRT: Ashinoye said she is featuring you in one of her songs?

Kel: It’s still underground. I have spoken with her producer but we are yet to record.

WRT: How do you relax?

Kel: I read novels and listen to music and hangout with my friends.

WRT: What would you be doing if you were not doing music?

Kel: I don’t know, making money in the entertainment industry. You do what you love doing and you get paid for it. I don’t think there is any better job.

WRT: What’s your most memorable day?

Kel: First time I saw “You go wound” on TV, I was so so so happy. When I was shooting Waa Wa Alright video, I was really excited and when You Go Wound O won an award at the Soundcity Music Video awards (SMVA 2008).

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