#JovagoTips: Food tourism in Africa

Food tourism implies the discovery of food as the aim of travel. This may sound like a dream to many but it is a dream come true for the foodies out there. As the second largest continent and with fifty-four countries, Africa definitely has a wide range of culinary wonders to offer to the food-loving travellers. Africa may be known for its majestic heritage sites and wildlife but a rise in food tourism would add food to that list! Jovago highlights this interesting side of tourism for all to see.


African cuisine comprises of a wide range of organic local fruits, vegetables, meat and grains. Often times, vegetables are incorporated into dishes to balance the supply of nutrients. These green vegetables take different forms and Africans would wash and cut them up after plucking in order for them to blend well in the soup or dish. Although this typically makes up African cuisine, the manner of preparation differs from region to region. This is where food tourism comes into play and it provides the perfect opportunity to explore the tastes and aromas of Africa while travelling and discovering great cities at the same time!


Food tourism brings to fruition a world where people travel just because of food. It doesn’t get any better than this! People from around the world can bond not just through experiences but also through food. It’s about time food tourism becomes widely-known and a possibility of an unforgettable adventure to all.

Food tourism is becoming more popular around the world and exploring African cuisine should top the lists of the food lovers. A little research could help plan out what cities to visit and explore culinarily. Travellers could start with exploring Ethiopia’s injera, Ghana’s kelewele or Nigeria’s tuwo shinkafa, cities could be decided based on whatever suits the taste buds of the food-loving traveler!