Human Rights Violation at Madonna University -ALUMNI

Madonna University Alumni Association uses this medium to first and
foremost condemn in the strongest of terms the inhumane treatment meted on
two undergraduates; Mr Stanley Okoye and Mr Lord Ga-Lim. Violence of this
nature has no place in our society in general and Madonna University in

We sympathize with the concerned students and their families and also
commend them for the manner in which they have comported themselves so far.

Madonna University
Madonna University

We call on the management of Madonna University to act swiftly to ensure a
peaceful resolution to this precarious situation. We also call on the
University Management to open a board of inquiry to investigate this
concern and other pre-existing concerns with regards to human rights of the
students of the University. Dedicated channel (email and helpline) shall be
set up to this effect and we welcome inputs from all current and past
students of this great institution.

The Alumni has and will continue to project a positive image of our fellow
graduates and we are committed to intensifying efforts to create a better
environment for the undergraduates. This, we will continue to fight for as
steps are being taken to re-energize and re-strengthen our Alumni desk to
keep an eye out for any such cases and report such to the relevant
authorities. We shall liaise with the Nigerian Human Rights Commission
(NHRC), Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) and other groups relating to
non-academic and academic activities of the Institution to draft a
new course.

While we are committed to ensuring better conditions for our undergraduates
we use this opportunity to categorically state that this event should not
be allowed to repeat itself in our institution. The high handedness and the
excessive use of power by security officials in the school premises against
students should be curtailed, and decency and decorum be applied in all
dealings with students.

We wish Stanley Okoye and Lord Ga-lim speedy recovery and will continue to
watch as events unfold. We are certain that the law will take its course
and justice will be served.

Long Live Madonna University


Concerned Members of the Madonna University Alumni Association, MUAA.