Gigi Hadid Is The New Face of Seafolly- Check Out The Campaign Pictures

Last month Gigi Hadid was named the face of Maybelline and now the 19-year-old has been named the face of Seafolly, an Australian brand of swimwear and women’s beachwear.


“I met a few people from Seafolly when I was in Australia for the Melbourne Cup horse race,” she told We had a little fitting, and then I met them in Tulum for the shoot, which was so beautiful it was my first time there. A few styles are neoprene, so they kind of feel like wet suits, it’s actually really nice in a swimsuit it supports better.”



On the subject of sunbathing;  “I’m really good about [protecting] my face, and I try not to get burnt anywhere,” she said. “But I also have to think about tan lines, especially if I’m doing a shoot,” she said. “In high school, it was cool to have a good tan line. I used to put a heart sticker on my stomach to make it lighter. But now I usually just go for a simple bikini cut. But the most important thing is finding what makes you feel confident.” 



Picture credit: Seafolly