Get Wicked Fit The Jada Pinkett Smith Way!

At 43 Jada Pinkett Smith is wicked fit! The actress/singer/song writer and overall super woman shared her fitness secrets for Shape Magazine and we have the scoop! So for those of you looking to get fit in the new year this one is for you!

According to Shape Magazine Pinkett Smith starts her sessions with some butt-lifting cardio: stairs. She’ll walk up all 32 flights in her apartment building, take the elevator down, then do it again holding weights. “I love walking stairs because it’s great cardio and resistance,” she says. Most steps are around a 65 percent gradient, Ferguson her personal trainer explains, so in addition to spiking your heart rate and helping you burn a ton of calories, the incline gets you all-over toned too.


PS: In totally unrelated news; Pinkett Smith shares with Shape Magazine that (aside from having an active sex life) she and her husband keep the romance alive by reading and discussing books about religion and spiritual expression. “It’s a big turn-on for me to be spiritually and intellectually challenged by Will. To me, it’s like foreplay!” 

To read the full article get a copy of the January/February issue of Shape Magazine.
Picture credit: Shape Magazine.