Finally, The Perfect Selfie Phone: TECNO Camon C8

Hi guys, so this is not exactly a review.  I just want to say a little about the device that I just got from TECNO. Why did they give me a new device you might ask? Well, my 2 year old Tecno phantom A3 got damaged and I tweeted about it, next thing I know someone DMs me to pick u a Smartphone. Yeah miracles do happen!

Camon C8 Tecno
Tecno Camon C8

Camera so good, I leave my digital camera at home these days

Okay Ok. So far, of course it’s the camera I’ve been enjoying the most! The 5 MP  front camera with flash seems to have a life of its own. It’s almost like I’m taking a full portrait when I use it. It practically comes alive. Like a full length mirror….well, if the mirror had a flashlight Lol!

Photo of Ogom with a Tecno Camon C8
Ogom Photo with a Tecno Camon C8

The 13 MP back camera takes really sweet looking photos at night and indoors. It is also handy because I don’t need to struggle when taking selfies with the back camera thanks to the camera button.  Can you beat that? I can also take selfies with the back camera using the camera shutter button.

Camera cool features

There are just too many features that the camera comes with. I heard about the Picture in Picture mode (which basically takes a photo of your face and whatever or whoever you’re looking at) and I decided to experiment with it. I was wowed (see pix below). I would definitely be trying it out properly at a wedding this weekend!



Battery lasts a whole day

Another feature I enjoy is the battery life. There are just too many social media apps on my phone that I use daily. Most batteries can’t last me the whole day but the Camon C8 holds its own for the better part of the day. The battery is an irremovable 3000mah battery; it’s even larger than the 2600mah power bank that I barely use.

Latest Android 5.0 making the phone pretty fast

One last feature is that apps open really fast and smooth no matter how many apps you’ve opened. It saves me time using this device. Oh, and I was thinking, why would TECNO use 1 GB of RAM when either manufacturers are using 2 GB of RAM as the minimum RAM. But the swift response of the apps on the phone reassured me that the 1 GB of RAM has been optimized and functions smoothly and swiftly. I am just glad that I am on the Android 5.0 Lollipop especially coming from the 4.2 Jellybean of the Phantom A3.

With the Tecno Camon C8
With the Tecno Camon C8

So now I have the perfect Christmas idea in the TECNO Camon C8. Since I am this impressed with the phone, it’s definitely a worthy gift to add to hampers and share to people I plan to give gifts to loved ones during the holidays.

And one more thing, there is a musical event this weekend—The Beat of Lagos—at Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos. TECNO is part sponsor and they gave me a ticket and I asked for some more for you guys. I have three tickets to give away. You have to drop your comment to win a ticket.

Beat of Lagos 2015
Beat of Lagos 2015

Tell me the battery capacity of the TECNO Camon C8 and the quality of the back camera. I will pick three random correct answers.



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