Drama As Sen. Ben Murray Bruce Offers To Help Unpaid Osun Workers

ben bruce

It is no longer news that the Osun state government has been unable to pay workers salaries for more than seven months now but this ugly drama took a wild turn yesterday when Senator Ben Murray Bruce offered to half his N506, 000 wardrobe allowance and donate it to civil servants in the state. The other half, the senator indicated would go to widows in his constituency.

If you have paid any attention to the politics in the country, then you would be aware the controversy that the issue of wardrobe allowances for federal lawmakers had generated over the last few days.

News broke that the newly inaugurated lawmakers would receive as much as N9 billion in wardrobe allowance thus sparking public outrage but the matter has since been put to bed with the revelation by the Senate President that the actual amount to be received was 506,000.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce had taken to his twitter account to announce his act of benevolence which of course did not go down well with the Osun state government as it perceived it as an act of mockery.

In a statement issued by the Osun state government, it described the actions of Sen. Ben Murray Bruce as a ridicule of the people of the state.

It would be interesting to see the next turn that this unfolding drama would take. We promise to keep up updated on this matter.