”D’banj Needs Our Prayers And Support”- Azuka Ogujiuba

This Day columnist Azuka Ogujiuba who went in hard on Toke Makinwa after her hosting gig at the headies has done it again and this time Dbanj is her target, now be warned the article has a lot of interesting tit bits and we would try to bring all of them to you guys so brace yourselves. Read excerpts from the article below;


Me, Dbanj and Don Jazzy plus how the cookie crumbled;

According to her Dumebi Kachikwu is responsible for how far Mo hits went, they performed at his event the ‘History of Love 101’ which had American stars like Chante Moore, Kenny Latimore, Donell Jones and 112 all performing. She also alleged that Kachukwu invested in them financially and bought them exotic cars including the BMW they rode to her house for their first meeting.  The cookie crumbled when ”l did a critic on Koko Mansion which l felt was a debasement to womanhood. And D’banj was billed to perform at Genevive Pink ball but did not. l was there and wrote about it. When it was published, understandably, hell was let loose. Immediately, Dbanj and Don Jazzy stopped taking my calls.”

She also had a throw down with Dbanj when they met at an event in Kenya ”We were all supposed to stay in the same hotel, but immediately he sighted me, he told the promoters of the event that he would not perform unless I was sent back to Nigeria and that l was his number one enemy. In fact, his former P.A. Chuchu and manager, Bankulli, kept threatening me. I ignored them and for the first time, l insulted D’banj. l was tired of his petty and childish behaviours, so l gave it to him fire for fire, while the D Prince, Jazzy’s younger brother and Ramsey Noah where on that trip watched the drama closely . And I dared them to advance with their threats. The promoters of the show tried to intervene and they ended up taking me to another location where I passed the night. When l got back to Nigeria, l did my report and wrote about how D’banj shut down Kenya, which was the truth and l never mentioned the fight and harassment from Chuchu and Bankulli. That same day my phone rang, it was D’banj. He loved the article and he apologized to me.”

Celebrating 10 years of fame and infamy;

”By 12pm, nothing was still happening; just a few guests that you could count on your finger tips. At this point, my mind started racing with many rhetorical questions. One of them was ‘where are the stars from Nollywood, the comedians and the music industry?’ l only saw Seyi Law. Didn’t they know it was Bangalee’s special day? Kemi Adetiba was still dancing and enjoying herself. That’s the spirit: make yourself happy and have fun at every point in time with or without an Amber Rose.” Jimi Akinsola of Beat Fm was the saving grace and ”he (Dbanj) should appreciate him specially.  He saved Dbanj’s party, to be frank. l still don’t know how to classify the event. He kept making the very boring and dull atmosphere come alive, supported by music supplied by Dj Exclusive and Dj Spinall. Jimmie kept screaming Dbanj’s new nickname ‘Eja Nla’ so much to the anger of a guest  by my table where l stood, who malliciously asked: “Which yeye Eja Nla (big fish)? Dbanj is now a Titus or abi na shawa fish” We couldn’t help but laugh at that.”

”By 12.25am, Uzoma Dozie, the managing director of Diamond Bank and his wife, Adesuwa, after waiting almost endlessly for Dbanj and his special guest, Amber Rose, left. Shortly after, l saw Ayona, and her husband, Philip Trimmell, strolling out at 1.02am. I sighted Praiz, Timaya, Shaydee, Teckno, Banky W, Lynxx, Chris Obosi and his wife who were walking around and I could easily sense that they were also tired of waiting and were probably thinking of leaving when Jimmie started announcing that Eja Nla and madam Amber Rose were about to step in.”

”When Dbanj walked in with Amber Rose hand in hand like a couple walking down the aisle, Eja Nla was so happy and you could tell that he had a butterfly in him while feeling he’d achieved a great feat by standing side by side with Amber Rose. Dbanj, Koko Master, Bangerlee or is it Eja Nla was just shaking like a jelly all over Amber and you would think he stood by one decent super star, well l think she is one in her own world and they walked straight to where Aremu Oniru sat. I stood directly opposite them and watched as Dbanj faked a chatty friendship with Amber Rose who pretended to be flowing with him because of the cool cash breathing in her account back in the United States.”

How the Anniversary Party Should Have Been Held;

”I think Dbanj should have celebrated his 10th anniversary on stage by giving back to the music community and to the country whose fans made him. He should have had a black tie event. Where family, close friends, the big wigs in their Nigeria entertainment industry, his contemporaries, young and old will come on stage and tell the world how he has inspired their career, sing any of his hit songs or sing a tribute song specially composed for him. Instead of spending hard earned money on Amber Rose, who is no nowhere near a role model but a glorified stripper who felt too big to twerk but ordered her ‘assistant’ like Dominic to twerk for sponsors like Diamond Bank and made his guests look stupid because everybody who came wanted to see Amber Rose twerk.”

”Dbanj should have played the role of a god-father by inviting budding artistes like Runtown, Kiss Daniel, Korede Bello, Reekado Banks, Dija (l call them the Mavin babies that is if Don Jazzy will release them though) Brain, Skales, B-Red, Lil Kesh and Teckno. The list goes on. These chaps would come and rivet all  on how D’banj has inspired their careers.”

Dbanj’s List of Debts;

Vice Chairman of Broron Group Henry Ojogho  alleges that D’banj, through his company, DKM Media Limited, obtained a loan of over N60m from him in January 2013 and has not paid back the said sum despite signing an undertaking to do so.

Walter Wagbatsoma (200,000 Pounds)
Mr Walter is a billionaire with investments in major areas, ranging from oil and gas to real estate, banking, equities and even insurance. He’s one of the first men who were said to have handed money to D’banj, with a whopping sum of 200,000 Pounds said to be involved.

Prince D. Okonkwo ($200,000)
He’s the chairman, Board of Directors of Tetrazini Group of Companies and he is said to have given about $200,000 to D’banj in the name of investing in entertainment. When the issue with Prince Okonkwo got out of hand, D’banj was said to have sought help from Dapo Abiodun, boss of Heyden Oil and Gas, who helped him take care of the debt through a repayment plan.

At the end of the article Azuka was quick to add ”Now this not about beef or hating as some people might want to misunderstand my article, but it is the fact that D’banj needs our prayers and support. Something is wrong, no doubt. l miss the old Dbanj. If we all truly care and love him, we should pray that his career is revived again. l think Dbanj is acting as if all is well, but truth is that the opposite is the case. I noticed that it was all the hit songs produced by Don Jazzy that he played throughout and that means a lot. It just signifies that Don Jazzy’s production put him on the world map.”

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