David Oyelowo While Speaking At The Santa Barbara International Film Festival Addressed The 87th Academy Award Snub Of Selma

Selma star David Oyelowo while speaking at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival finally addressed the 87th Academy Award snub of his movie Selma, in his analysis he compared the response/success that 2013 Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave and The Butler got with that of Selma’s and according to him; 

david oyelowo

“No, look, historically — this is truly my feeling; I felt this before the situation we’re talking about and I feel it now — generally speaking, we, as black people, have been celebrated more for when we are subservient, when we are not being leaders or kings or being at the center of our own narrative.”

He also added that “We’ve just got to come to the point whereby there isn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy —a notion of who black people are— that feeds into what we are celebrated as, not just in the Academy, but in life generally. We have been slaves, we have been domestic servants, we have been criminals, we have been all of those things. But we have been leaders, we have been kings, we have been those who changed the world.”

Watch the video above and hear/ see first hand what he had to say.


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