Skales vs Wizkid: Cui bono?

There’s been a lot of dust raised as regards the beef between former Empire Mates signees Skales and Wizkid. The no nonsense Uduak Oduok has called out Wizkid on his many fights, Notjustok has chronicled Wizkid’s twitter beefs since 2013 and Ayomide O Tayo of Pulse has an opinion piece examining the “childish tantrums between the…

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The Naked Convos: Online community set to release a unique short story collection titled These Words Expose Us: An Anthology

The award-winning Nigerian online community, The Naked Convos (TNC), has published its first collection of short stories, titled ‘These Words Expose Us: An Anthology’. These Words Expose Us: An Anthology is a collection of stories that focus on the impact that words, especially the things we say (or don’t say) can have on our lives…

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Atoke's Tips: To Getting A Good Woman

I spent the last week ruminating on the veracity of IK Osakioduwa’s TipsToGettingAMAn. I’ve also been trying to find a Nigerian celebrity, who is, prima facie, happily married with 2 kids (poster image of perfection), who would be willing to write Ten Tips To Getting and Keeping A Woman. The fact that you’re reading this now, means that I have been unsuccessful.

I believe that there’s no such thing as “One Size Fits All” especially with relationship issues because of difference in personalities and backgrounds/upbringing. If you don’t believe me, just check out the comments section of blogs and websites…. it’s a riot! There is a truth to every comment… as true to the mind of the writer as can be imagined. It might be a lie, but the person believes it to be true and that is enough for the person.

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