BMX flatland moves blend with Kraftmatiks’ sounds in a freestyle performance

Nigerian producer, emcee and Dj, Kraftmatiks was tapped for the final leg of the BMX Flatland’s epic African journey, which continued to its third and last destination: Lagos, Nigeria.

During the Nigerian performances, the team brought back the Bike N’ Mic concept that mixes BMX flatland with hip-hop music – both worlds are connected in so many ways and even share the same origin, freestyle!

The Bike N’ Mic concept is built for small, intimate audiences to follow the tricks and to understand the message of our riding. This year, we worked with a famous, local Nigerian emcee named Kraftmatiks. I was familiar with his work through his previous collaborations with the Red Bull Music Academy. He ended up being perfect for the job. We came together quickly and easily meshed styles – Kraftmatiks was even able to “freestyle” some lyrics during our riding, in order to fit the theme.

Culled from RedBull

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