Cyrus Kabiru Fashions Unique Eyewear From Recycled Electronic Trash


Kenyan visual artist Cyrus Kabiru fashions electronic trash into fabulously unique decorative eyewear. He openly speaks about his motivation to help the environment in a short AJ+ video and on his website.

Cyrus Kabiru currently practices in Nairobi. He is a self taught painter and sculptor. …His sculptural work embodies his role as a “collector” of Nairobi cast offs. Kabiru fashions and refashions these waste, recycled, and found materials into various forms. Currently he is focusing on a series that depicts African nature using thousands of bottle caps sewn together. He is perhaps best known for his C-STUNNERS, an ongoing work which where Cyrus creates and wears artistic bifocals. The work sits itself between fashion, wearable art, performance, and one of a kind commodity objects.

Cyrus-Kabiru-1Cyrus-Kabiru-2 Cyrus-Kabiru