14 Dresses Every Fashionista Should Have

The mandatory fashion staples every true fashionista must have in her style closet are varied and sometimes overwhelming. When it comes to gowns, the task of choosing, selecting and buying the dresses that will stay in your wardrobe for a lifetime can be daunting.

Learning to streamline your options, to the basic and necessary, is the key to buying stylish dresses that are eternally trendy, dynamic and suitable for all the social situations. Below are the FOURTEEN MUST-HAVE dresses for every fashionista.


The Sheer Dress: As exemplified by the legendary style amazon Cher, to her recent disciples, Beyoncé, the Kardashians, Rhianna et al, the sheer daring, sensuality and boldness of this dress, guarantees instant glam status and center stage attention whenever you wear it. Beware though, because any mishap can turn this dress from classy to tacky in an instant.

The Plunge Dress: Taking the plunge can amp up your style game in minutes. Ensure your “babies” are packaged and presented classily, with either a Wonderbra for the less endowed fashionistas or a plunging bra for the well-endowed. The over-endowed fashionistas can still wear the trend by keeping the plunge in the back.


The Monochromatic Dress: Be it black and white or varying shades of any primary hue, the monochrome trend is an eternal trend that you can’t do without.


The Color block Dress: One great wear to wear splashes of color or bring out the art in you is by rocking the color block dress.


Colour Block Dress
Colour Block Dress


The Lace Dress: This is one timeless classic that cannot be overemphasized.


The Sheath Dress: This is one dress guaranteed to take your sophisticated glamour to an all-time high. Perfect for translating to work after a late date by simply pairing with a suit.


The Print Dress: This is one dress that needs no fuss to make it event-ready.


The Mermaid Dress: Evocative of old school glamour and timeless elegance, the mermaid dress is the “it’ dress to wear for that red carpet award night.


The Maxi Dress: Perfect for instant chic, comfortability and ease of movement, the maxi dress is every girl’s best friend especially when we plan on indulging our sweet tooth.


Maxi Dress
Maxi Dress


The Lil black Dress: This dress is practically a life saver to every fashionista, buy it and you won’t be sorry.


The Floral Dress: A timeless classic just like the lace, floral dresses are the perfect compliments to a cheery disposition.


The Polka dot Dress: This dress is perfect for giving off retro vibes in style.


The Shimmer Dress: Bring out the shining star style in you every time you wear a shimmer dress.


The High Slit Dress: Add sexy to your strides with a high slit dress anytime.



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