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I woke up to an enlightening conversation on Facebook about Linda Ikeji, the biggest and one of the most influential Nigerian bloggers yet. Like Seyi Taylor posted, “Where two or three creative intellectuals are gathered, there is a debate about Linda Ikeji”.  There have also been several conversations about journalism vs blogging; why not a case-study? Who does the shoe fit when you want to use a case study approach? Linda Ikeji, and rightly so. Who started this ruckus? Chris Ogunlowo of Quirkly, of course!


See his post below”

Is Linda Ikeji a journalist?

Of course, she’s a blogger. But I use her to represent the online publishing business that includes 360nobs, Bella Naija, Stella Dimoko Korkus etc. Have they changed or, perhaps, expanded the definition of journalism? If they aren’t journalists, what are the limits of the definition? Or is the title redundant and unnecessary?

PS: I admit that this question may be skewed. It suggests I attribute more recognition to being called a “journalist,” but critical views are welcomed and, abeg, no Linda-bashing comments)

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