Claude: Up to us

Born in 1989 in Tampa, Florida, Claude is an American hiphop artist currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dabbling in both music & photography, Claude began as a writer. But after that didn’t pan out, he began doing music.

The rapper Claude

“I’ll always be a writer, I’m just more vocal about it now”. Beginning in 2013, thus far Claude has released 1 mix-tape titled “About Face” and an album titled “Up 2 Us”.

“Understand, with my music I am looking to inspire. Inspire a world full of stagnant creators. We’ve deviated from the mission, the mission of spreading knowledge.  It would seem the feeling is gone in today’s hip-hop music world. I’m thinking.. where is the new “boyz in the hood” movie or the next TLC, Al Green, or Isley Brothers? Once I asked these questions. It dawned on me that I was a creator. So it was time I contributed.”

Claude is also passionate about the mending of Classicism in America, injustices of any kind, and the assurance of love. His influences range from the likes of Bob Marley, Kanye West, Seal, Tupac, Nas, Lauryn Hill, and Q-Tip.

Claude Lives Up 2 Us

Claude’s album, “Up 2 Us”, is available on iTunes:


Listen OR Download some of Claude’s singles below:

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